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Hong Kong International Churches Lent Initiative 2015

Categories: Prayer

PRAY IT FORWARD it’s a city wide initiative by Hong Kong International Churches.

This Lenten season we invite you to journey with us through the Psalms. The psalms are a collection of prayers and songs used in Jewish worship. They were quoted and prayed by Jesus and are a source of Christian devotion, ‘they speak the universal language of the soul’ – drawing us in and drawing us close to God.

All great revivals in church history have held ‘extraordinary prayer’ as a common characteristic. As we unite in prayer this season, may the Lord bring revival, renewal and restoration to our city.

Please feel free to download and use the following resources:

1) PRAY IT FORWARD 2015 Guide – this card contains a psalm and a church’s name for each weekday leading up to Easter. Pray the psalm, and pray for the church. On each Sunday there is a ‘Psalm of Ascent’ – the prayers of the pilgrims on the way to Jerusalem – as we make our way towards Easter. Each Sunday, we invite you to pray for the Church in Hong Kong, and one of our common missions.
Download PRAY IT FORWARD 2015 Guide

2) PRAY IT FORWARD 2015 Schedule & Prayer Points
Download PRAY IT FORWARD 2015 Schedule